Our Values

Our values

Our values get straight to the point: Respect and Transparency. These are the values we defend with a lot of heart!

Our values are applied every day by every member of the great ALBI le Géant‘s team, a reliable company you can trust. Our business philosophy helps us to continue our progress while keeping our main objective in mind: customer satisfaction. Every employee, reps, technicians, service managers and computer workers in their own specific field at ALBI work toward this common objective. This is what makes our team strong.

Regular, relevant continuing training in each member’s speciality is given to the entire ALBI team. By continuing to progress and providing continuing training to the new generation, we continue to add to our service offers while making sure we constantly improve the remarkable quality of our entire team’s work.

Our methodical work process allows us to maximize our efforts and do our work efficiently. Our working method is directly inspired by the Kaisen formula and our business continues to grow.

The ALBI Infiniti Mascouche’s Difference

We are a small, tight-knit team that works with a lot of heart and complete respect and transparency.

Every day, we seek to innovate, learn and do our best to earn your trust. It’s always a pleasure to greet our customers in a modern, contemporary and luxurious showroom.

The service we offer is the kind of service we’d like to get. Browse the showroom at your own pace. We’re always available to answer your questions. We want you to find the vehicle that truly meets your needs, and we’re here to here help you get it. Get all the details on financing options and great promotions.

The ALBI Infiniti Mascouche’s difference is also personalized follow-up and, most of all, a warm welcome!

We’re expecting you!