After-sales Service

Thanks to our constant efforts, we rank among the Quebec businesses with the best after-sales service.

Our qualified technicians taking continuing training so they’re ready to respond to all requests. At ALBI Infiniti, we are very proud to encourage the new generation by offering them opportunities to train with qualified professionals with many years of experience.

Our after-sales service also means a member of our service team will follow up with you after you’ve visited us. This follow-up is to make sure everything is going well with your vehicle. It’s always a pleasure to tell you about new promotions that might interest you.

After-sales service also includes various repair, accessory installation, and body work services. Our technicians give courteous, transparent service and explain your vehicle’s status in detail.

At ALBI Infiniti Mascouche, we are proud to offer personalized, attentive service at all times.

We’re expecting you!